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The Gardenkeepr Story

In 2004, our family started our very first vegetable garden with the goal of growing as much of our own food as we could; to say the least it has been a learning experience and true adventure. From the beginning, we decided we wanted to keep a good record of our garden in order to both learn from our mistakes and successes alike. When it came time to pull all of our notes together, however, we could find only empty journals and generic organizers.

What we wanted was a dedicated garden planner and journal that would give us one place to keep all of our most important gardening data from year to year. We found that such a thing didn’t exist, so we created our first Gardenkeepr Garden Planner + Journal on our own. Soon more and more of our gardening friends were asking if they could have one, too, so we decided to make them available to the world!

The Gardenkeepr continues to grow and evolve, with new additions and features being added frequently based on customer feedback. Have an idea or something you’d like to see in the Gardenkeepr? Let us know – we’re always happy to hear from you.

As Gardenkeepr .com grow, we hope to become a resource for anyone wanting to start growing their own food. Have a product you think would be a good fit for the site? Drop us a line – we're always on the lookout for new ideas and innovative gardening products.